How is BTRFY pronounced?  
BTRFY is pronounced “better-fy".
What is the ingredient line on a MycoCrisp? 
Our MycoCrisps have only five ingredients: Mycoflour, wheat flour, sunflower oil, salt, paprika.
What is Myco-?
Myco refers in relation to that of fungi - and more specifically we reference fungal mycelium, the network of fine white root-like fibers of mushrooms and other fungi.  We grow mycelium and dehydrate it turning it into a high protein flour-like substance that is the main ingredient in MycoCrisps.
How do you grow the mycelium?
The mycelium that is in your MycoCrisps is grown using the nutrient rich weak beer, or water, leftover from beer brewing. Mycelium feeds on and absorbs all the sugars and carbs in the water, growing in the process.   
What do the crisps taste like?
Our crisps are flavored naturally and we have been told they have an umami-esque flavor. They are a little salty, a little sweet, a little cheesy (even though there is no cheese), and we think overall flavorful... That said, we like to leave it up to the consumer to decide what they think our crisps taste like.
Are your crisps vegan?
Yes, our crisps are vegan
Are your crisps soy free?
Yes, our crisps are soy free
Are your crisps gluten-free?
Unfortunately, right now our crisps are not gluten-free since we source from the brewing process. However when we scale to work with wineries, for example, we expect to have a gluten-free offering.
How much protein is in each crisp?
Our crisps are approximately 40% crude protein.
Do you partner with any breweries
Yes, brewery water is an essential part of our production process.  We are currently partnered with Whiner Brewery but are always looking to make new partnerships.  If that's you, please reach out and we will get back to you asap.
Where can I buy these crisps
Right now our crisps can only be purchased online via the BTRFY website, but we are hoping to get our crisps into some taprooms and small shops soon.  
If I pre-order when will I get my crisps?
We're targeting pre-order for delivery in November 2018 - if not sooner.
Should I be concerned about mycotoxins in these crips?
Nope - we use a strain that is free of mycotoxins and safe to eat.
What is the shelf life of MycoCrisps? 
Our MycoCrisps have a shelf life of 3 months.