The General Process

Today, our process begins where beer brewing ends.  On average, approximately 5 liters of weak beer goes "someplace else" for every liter of beer that is brewed.  This water has high concentrations of sugars and carbohydrates and is too weak to be reused in the brewing process. Fortunately for us, mycelium loves the nutrients in brewery water and can grow happy at an incredible rate.

Industrial shot of how MycoCrisps are made

After the mycelium is harvested and cleaned, it is dehydrated, turning it into a flour-like substance.  This mycoflour is then mixed with wheat flour, sunflower oil, salt, and paprika - we're simple people and like to try and keep our ingredient lines simple as well. We then throw this blend in the oven to bake and when ready, out come delicious crisps with a satisfying crunch!