About MycoCrisps

High protein, low carb crisps and craft beer

MycoCrisps are tasty snacks made from all-natural ingredients. "Myco-" gives nod to the core ingredient in all our snacks: mycelium.  

Mycelium is the root-like structure of mushrooms and other fungi and is jam-packed with nutrients and minerals that we all need in our diets. It grows by feeding on (or further harvesting) the nutrients of brewery byproduct. Mycelium is low in net carbs and high in protein. In fact, our crisps have +40% crude protein and are rich in fiber and micronutrients.  Our crisps are baked instead of fried so no hydrogenated oils or trans fats either.

What does it taste like? Not like mushrooms. Although it is hard to pinpoint a specific flavor, we have been told they taste a little cheesy, hint of umami, pinch of salt and 100% delicious.   So whether you want some crunch to go with an afternoon sandwich, munching on something at the taproom, or need a delicious snack for a dinner party, MycoCrisps are good for your tastebuds, body and your eco-conscience.