Meet the Founders

The three founders of BTRFY smiling at the production facilitites

Alrighty folks, let's go left to right...

When he’s not in the lab playing with materials and designing delicious snacks, Justin our CTO,  binge-watches sci-fi movies and jams out to classic rock.  Originally from Santa Cruz California, Justin is an avid surfer and scuba diver. Being so connected to the water has made him extremely conscious of the environmental impact of our culture.  Justin co-founded BTRFY because he wanted to be a part of a sustainable food movement. The BTRFY production process conserves water and reduces the use of electricity and land consumption associated with protein production.  According to Justin, keeping yourself healthy is just as important as keeping the planet healthy.

Bridging technology to an awesome consumer product is our CMO, Kati. When she’s not figuring out how our delicious snacks are resonating with consumers, commercializing and helping build the biz, Kati can be found traversing the music scene of Chicago.  Kati has a bias for action and making the unrelatable, well, relatable... and co-founding BTRFY entails doing just that. She believes that innovation of all kinds is key to human progress - in all corners of the world (she's been to a few). A Chicago native and general city rat, Kati connects with nature by land and sea. Catch her on a bike ride or just meet up at one of the few taprooms along the way.

Originally from Montana, Tyler, our CEO, has always had a close relationship with nature. Whether it be throwing bales of hay or checking-out the wildlife across 3,000 acres of his family’s bison farm in Nebraska, Tyler tries to get outside whenever he can.  Tyler co-founded BTRFY because he is passionate about creating a healthy and sustainable culture. Using BTRFY he hopes to leverage efficiencies of biological systems to solve large societal problems. When he’s not making sure BTRFY is the best it can be, Tyler can be found fixing up old houses or watching western movies with his German Shepherd.

BTW,... what's "BTRFY"?

Pronounced "better-fy", it's just how we kept thinking on how we could do our part to make the world a better place... if you think it's short and vowel-less for "better-for-you", well even... BTR.