Tech & Sustainability

Tech can be powerful and sustainability is important... And so to us, Tech + Sustainability = Awesome. We are able to reimagine the food production process and how snacks, such as our MycoCrisps, are made using cutting-edge technology that is not only better for you're health but also better for the environment. The components (below) to our process make things possible.

These components plus the efficiency facilitated by the tech is where true impact can be had at scale in a rapidly changing environment. For example, by 2050 we will need to feed a population of nearly ~10 billion people... and, yes, we all need our protein. This is where we believe a little ingenuity and some game-changing technology can change the world. 

Redefining "Resource Efficient Protein" In The Marketplace

(no, the bar chart is not to scale but the numbers are tight so you get the idea...)

We also welcome you to read up on some of the resources (way) below to learn more about the opportunities to help our environment.  



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